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Aftermarket parts are known as IAM (Independent Aftermarket Manufacturer). These parts are produced by independent producers, who meet quality standards for these items. Aftermarket segment is also, like any industry, constantly changing and adapting to customer requests. Studies on the European market trends, industry associations made in the past two years reveals that the average age of the fleet of commercial vehicles is about 8.5 years, and is expected to grow faster over the next five years. Therefore, it would seem that the independent producers have the advantage in terms of sales, attracting more and more customers. Despite the fact that aftermarket market is quite fragmented, we can clearly distinguish two categories: authorized producers (car manufacturers with local representatives, service stations and their network of authorized dealers) and independent (operators and independent distributors). The reason why customers are looking more and more for independent companies’ services is very simple: with increasing age of vehicles, owners prefer to buy IAM parts, cheaper and more versatile. In addition, independent repair shops are equipped with several types of auto parts, and have experience in solving any kind of problem at lower prices, while authorized dealers have a very narrow offer and are working especially for warranties. Thus, independent producers have about 80% of the market, helped by the age of motor vehicles (thing applies to cars and commercial vehicles). According to CLEP (European Association of Automotive Suppliers), the market in Eastern Europe aftermarket segment will record an increase of 232% by 2020 while maintaining a little growth in Western Europe (figures take into account car segment). In terms of sales, the Eastern IAM market for commercial vehicles recorded annual increases of at least 5%. Romania continues to be a market that goes well on the aftermarket, especially in terms of commercial vehicles.
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