Phytography: the Root

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The roots of most plants are found underground although there are plants that have their roots suspended in the air as in orchids. The entire mass of roots is called the root system. The root arises from the radical which later becomes the primary root. Branches that develop from the primary roots are called secondary roots are the tertiary roots. The primary function of the root is absorption of water and minerals from the soil and anchorage of the plant to the ground. Roots are often useful in the determination as to whether a plant is annual or perennial and they provide important features for identification and classification especially for grasses.


Zea mays Raphanussativus Pachyrrhizuserosus Beta vulgaris Daucuscarota Vanda sp. Paspalum sp.

Bryophyllumpinnata Ipomoea batatas Saccharumofficinale Hedera helix Dioscorea fasciculate Opuntia sp. Other available roots

III. ACTIVITY A. Observe the following in your specimens. 1. Types of root systems a. Taproot - roots that develop from the primary root. b. Fibrous roots - roots that come out directly from the hypocotyls or may branch off from the primary root, these are usually slender of about the same diameter and size, with numerous small root branches. c. Adventitious roots – roots that are produced from structures other than the primary root or its branches. They could arise from the nodes and sometimes internodes of stems or from the leaves (foliar roots).

Roots also perform functions than the typical ones and in these cases the shape is greatly modified that at times, it is already difficult to distinguish whether the structure is a root or not.

1. Modification in taproot (most of these roots are modified for food storage). a. Fusiform – roots that are shaped like a spindle, i.e. broad in the middle and tapering on both ends. b....
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