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Topics: Jerry Seinfeld Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Marikina Catholic School
Gil. Fernando St. Corner Mt. Everest, Marikina City

Create Lightening Group 1 Leader : Christian Prince Bautista

Ace Cafirma
Sab Damayan
Michaella Distajo Mr. Christopher Sanchez Earl Herrera 22 Feb 2013 Bernadette Mariano SY : 2012-2013

Create Lightening
Required materials
Foil pie plate
Writing pen (ball point will work very well)
Sock (must be wool)
Styrofoam block
Glue (if necessary)
Video camera, if you have one
Notebook paper or journal
Estimated Experiment Time
About thirty to sixty minutes.
Step-By-Step Procedure
1. Gather your materials on the kitchen counter or on the table. •2. Begin by placing your tack in the pie plate from the bottom up. The sharp point should be sticking out of the top of the pie plate. •3. Place the pen in the pie plate, using the tack to anchor it. You may need to use a drop or two of glue to get the pen anchored really well. If you do use glue, let it dry before proceeding. •4. After this, do not touch the pie plate with your hands! You will not be able to conduct the experiment if you do. •5. Take the sock and rub the block of Styrofoam quickly. This will create the negative charge you need to create the lightening spark. •6. Pick up the pie plate by holding on to the pen and push it down on top of the Styrofoam block so the tack is lodged into the Styrofoam and anchors it in place. •7. Turn out the lights. If you have a video camera, you can film the...
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