Physics of Bungee Jumping (A)

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1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Introduction
2.1 Details of Bungee jumping
2.2 Building Choice
2.3 Cord choice
2.4 Safety Risks & Precautions
3.0 Data
4.0 Explain of the Jump
5.0 Conclusion
6.0 Appendix

2.0 Overview
Bungee jumping is an exhilarating activity that rapidly turned into an extreme sport for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. The sport involves jumping from a tall structure, being a building, bridge or crane, while secured to a nylon-cased rubber band8. While the sport is enthralling, it is extremely dangerous and requires knowledge of physics and physical phenomena. Knowledge of the energy transformations involved in bungee jumping are required to complete calculations, which determine safe jumping conditions. This proposal will explore the parameters and ideas of possibly operating a new adventure experience from the Riparian Plaza. 2.1 Details of Bungee Jump

The Riparian Plaza has a 200m architectural height, the top floor is at 188m above ground level9 and the office levels stand at 155m above the ground (refer to appendices 1). 2.2 Building Choice
This building is suitable to operate a bungee jump from as it has river frontage, isn’t surrounded by over hanging objects, such as, trees and other buildings and has a great view10. Choosing an appropriate bungee jump site is paramount as location and environment affect the overall experience of bungee jumping. 2.3 Cord choices

There are three cords that will be use for the calculations at 2 different jump heights, 188m and 155m. The first rope A has a weight limit of 45-62kg, this rope was chose as the region of operation is a popular tourist destination11, therefore a lighter cord option is included because the highest rate of international visitors are from Asia and the United Kingdom, (appendices 2), and the average weight for Asian’s is 57-70kg for women, therefore allowing the apparatus to safely operate for tourists. The second rope and third weight account for average weight of Australians. The second rope has a weight category of 62-79kgs and the third rope has a weight limit of 79-96kgs accounting for the average weight of males, aged 18-44, in Australia (appendices 13). The ages 18-44 was used, as the main participants in this activity would be younger thrill seekers, therefore, by using a variety of cords, allows a wider demographic within these ages to enjoy this bungee experience. The length of cord used should be 50 meters long. These lengths of cord for rope A, B and C allows enough space, after 350% elongation, that the jumper will be 13 metres off of the ground. Having 13 metres is a safety precaution, and useful as this permits different heights of jumpers and the height an air bag that should be capable of absorbing a falling body2. 2.4 Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions need to be taken as bungee jumping is a dangerous sport that can be fatal5. Eye trauma is a very serious health risk associated to bungee jumping, retinal hemorrhage is one example, and can potentially cause loss of sight. The posture from jumping off the platform causes the jumper to be headfirst, this triggers blood to flow to the head, and can cause capillaries and swell the eyes or burst under high blood pressure and turn the jumpers vision red5. For women in particular, uterine prolapse is a major risk, the speed and pressure of the jump can cause the uterus to, in some cases, slide out of its normal location, this is a potentially life-threatening risk5. The most common injuries are dislocations, back, neck and spine injuries5, 6. All bungee jumping injuries are the product of the body being under extreme pressure, and force5, 6. To minimize the amount of injuries from this bungee jump, the G-force has been calculated. The maximum G’s that any jumper will experience throughout this jump will be 3.92G. The maximum G-force allowable on a jumper using a waist and chest harness is 4.5G’s and the maximum...

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