Physics Lab Report

Topics: Acceleration, Kinematics, Velocity Pages: 3 (563 words) Published: December 4, 2005

Acceleration Due to Gravity

Table of contents

Objective 1 Equipment 1
Procedures 1
Recorded data, calculated results, and graphs 1 Discussion 3
Conclusions 3

In this project we attempted to confirm that the acceleration due to gravity of a freely falling body is .

•Pasco Photogate, ME-9204B
•Pasco "picket fence," a transparent piece of plastic with dark bands spaced 0.050m apart •Dell computer with Science Workshop 700 interface
•DataStudio and Excel software

We dropped the picket fence through the photogate, which was connected to the computer through the Science Workshop 700 interface. The photogate sent to the computer a signal when its beam was broken by one of the dark bands. The Datastudio software recorded for the amounts of time between breaks.

Recorded Data, Calculated Results, and Graphs
We used the Science Workshop program to calculate the velocities and accelerations due to gravity of the picket fence between breaks in the beam using

where Äy represents distance traveled between breaks and Ät represents the time of travel between breaks. These are the measured values of distance and the calculated velocities and accelerations:

Time Position TimeVelocityTimeAcceleration
( s )( m ) ( s ) ( m/s ) ( s ) (m/s^2)

The time given for each velocity is halfway (in time) between the...
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