Physics In My Daily Life

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Physics in My Daily Life

“Write an essay of 1500 words, double spaced, in standard fonts , giving credible references on the use of physics in your daily activity. You need to mention 5 or more activities where physics is used. Please follow the APA format.”

As a senior in college, I lead a rather busy life. My days usually follow the same routine and pattern. I wake up at 7am everyday, so I am rather tired. To get going in the morning, I usually drink a cup of coffee. Then I attend my classes, one of which this semester is my senior research project on brown trout. Once classes are finished, I head to team practice, since I am a member of my college’s cheerleading team. After practice, I usually eat dinner with my teammates. What little time is left in my day is dedicated to doing homework, and keeping my room clean and laundry washed. This daily schedule I just described may sound menial and mundane, but it is jammed packed with physics. Lets begin with my morning cup of coffee. As an eco-conscious environmental science student, I forgo the wasteful paper cup with its cardboard sleeve and plastic lid. Instead I use a ceramic mug that I can wash and reuse everyday. When my hot coffee is poured into the ceramic mug the heat from the hot coffee transfers to the main part of the mug, which would burn my had if I held it by that portion. Instead, I hold and carry my mug by its handle. The transfer of heat from one object to another is called conduction. The ceramic of my coffee mug is a decent conductor, or a substance that conducts heat well or Conductors are materials that permit electrons to flow freely from particle to particle. Another conductor is metal, which is another common material used for coffee cups. Sometimes I am running late to class I use my travel thermos, which is made from plastic, plastic is an insulator, or a material that is bad at transferring heat or materials that impede the free flow of electrons from atom to atom and molecule to molecule.  As I mentioned before, I am an environmental science student, and a senior as well. My senior research project is being done on brown trout of the Little Juniata River. In order to research the trout, we selected the least stressful mode of catching in order to reduce the impact we have on the fish. The selected mode is rod and reel with barbless hooks. Each one of our study animals is caught using a fishing rod. A fishing rod is a type of lever. A lever is a simple machine that allows the user to gain a mechanical advantage in moving an object or in applying a force to an object. A lever consists of a fulcrum, applied force and load. There are three common types or classes of levers, depending on where the fulcrum and applied force is located. The mechanical advantage is that you can move a heavy object using less force than the weight of the object, you can propel an object faster by applying a force at a slower speed, or you can move an object further than the distance you apply to the lever. A Fishing rod is a type three lever. A class 3 lever has the fulcrum at one end, the load at the other end, and the force in the middle. The class 3 lever always has a mechanical advantage of less than 1, because the load travels a greater distance than the force travels. Consequently, the work requires more effort than would ordinarily be needed. Although they boost the amount of effort needed, class 3 levers are useful for increasing the speed at which a load is moved. A baseball bat and a broom are also examples of class 3 levers, with which a greater effort results in a smaller load moving at a greater speed. Once I am finished my classes for the day, I attend cheerleading practice. My favorite aspect of cheerleading is also the most dangerous thing we do: the stunting. The higher and more exciting stunts we do, the greater the reaction and cheers are from the crowd. One of the main principles behind the physics of cheerleading is setting up good weight...
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