Physics Debate

Topics: Fossil fuel, Global warming, Wind power Pages: 3 (685 words) Published: February 27, 2013

Opening Statement

Can we change our impact on the rate of global warming?

There are all these campaigns for us to combat global warming and reduce our emissions, we have all the science to maybe not stop it but effectively reduce it to stable conditions. It is evident that the temperatures and sea levels are rising and this proves global warming is out there; but it still doesn’t make a difference we still do nothing because

Global warming is irreversible; we are so deep in that there is nothing we can do to rescue ourselves from further consequences. The change should have been made many years ago but priorities were elsewhere

To put it into perspective we can relate global warming as being a packet of cigarettes, they warn us that it can cause cancer but the desire of people to buy them exceeds the risk of dying and further illustrates how ignorant and unconcerned people are with long-term consequences. People are educated about global warming and seem adamant to help when approached as individuals, however when the global race comes into play, we show up empty handed. Example KYOTO and Copenhagen failed to make agreements now they have been postponed, countries like US not signing, as well as Russia and Japan recently pulling out.

There are several reasons why the world is doomed but there are two important ones, we are a growing world, our population increases exponentially, how do we possibly think we can slow down CO2 when our population increases by a billion on average every 12 years. Now the reality is to feed 7 billion people it takes a lot of energy to do this, and the only reliable source and have been for many years are fossil fuels.

The second issue is that it is the environment vs. the economy, at a point in time they were both striving on the same side but now they’ve become opponents, do we continue to build our economies at the expense of the environment, I think we are already doing that, where there is...
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