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Topics: Physics, Science, Scientific method Pages: 7 (2710 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Of course, nuclear explosions, power sources, "lawlessness" of computers and lasers, new materials show that the focus of interest of scientists extends far beyond the "fragments of the last century." However overact image of the scientist, and the whole science - tenacious. Although little can be so far from the truth as painting created impressionable and ardent poet. Even when Mayakovsky wrote his verse, and in science and around Shakespeare's dramas quite scale. To be understood correctly, I should note that the question "To be or not to be" as applied to humanity and not the individual, though considerable, was first raised by physicists precisely and on the achievements of physics. It's not by chance that for about three centuries were marked by the science. People involved in it, opened and opened the fundamental laws of nature that determine the structure and movement of material objects in a large range of distances, time and mass. Ranges of these great - from the small, atomic and subatomic to the cosmic and universal. Of course, this is not physics said "Let there be light," but they found its nature and properties, set contrast to the darkness, and have learned to manage them. In its work, physics, crucially the largest of them, have developed a certain way of thinking, the main elements of which is the willingness to rely on well-tested, fundamental laws and the ability of a complex nature, and the public, a phenomenon highlight the main element, as simple as possible, that allows us to understand the very complex phenomenon under consideration. These features allow physicists approach very successfully deal with problems often lie far beyond their specialization. Confidence in the unity of the laws of nature, based on extensive experimental material, confidence in their fairness, coupled with a clear understanding of the limitations of the applicability of existing laws physics pushes forward, abroad unknown today. Physics - the science is complicated. It requires a lot of intellectual effort from the people who do it. It is incompatible with the amateurish. I remember how, at the end of the University and the Shipbuilding Institute in 1958, I was standing at the crossroads - where to go next. And my father, very far from science, asked me if I could go back to engineering after a dozen years of studying physics. My answer was an unqualified "yes." "In physics, after ten years of engineering?", - He said. My "no" and identified a further choice, which is not sorry and I do not regret a second. The complexity of physics and the importance of its results that create a picture of the world and encourage the spread of its ideas far beyond most of this science in the public interest to her. I will give some of these ideas, in the order received. This is a scientific (not speculative!) Atomism, the opening of the electromagnetic field, the mechanical theory of heat, the establishment of the relativity of space and time, the concept of an expanding universe, and quantum leaps in principle, not because of the error, the probabilistic nature of the physical processes in the first place, the micro- level, the grand unification of all interactions, establishing the existence of not directly observable subatomic particles - quarks. Here then there are popular books that are designed not to teach physics beginners, and explain her interest. There is another purpose of popular books, including the very well-known to people of my generation is "Entertaining Physics" Yakov Perelman, not relative ME Perelman. I am referring to a demonstration of how much things in everyday life, familiar to us technique and technology, one can understand qualitatively, based only on the well-known fundamental laws of physics in the first place - the law of conservation of energy and momentum, and the confidence that they are universally applicable. Objects of the laws of physics are vast. Why not pour water into the boiling oil, why stars...
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