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AP Physics Summer Assignment with
Dr. Crymes
Welcome to AP Physics B! It is a college level
physics course that is fun, interesting, and challenging
on a level you’ve not yet experienced. This assignment
will review all of the prerequisite knowledge expected of
you. There are 7 parts to this assignment. By taking the
time to review and understand all parts of this
assignment, you will help yourself acclimate to the rigor
and pacing of AP Physics. The summer assignment will
be “due” the first day of class. Good luck!
1. First off: send me your email address to so that I can make a class list and hopefully send you some cool stuff over the summer. No extra work, I promise. Preferably today, but no later than June 30, email me to introduce yourself. Please include the following information with your email:

- First name, last name, last math class taken and grade received. - What do you hope to get out of this course besides a good grade? - Do you have any physics questions you’ve always wondered about like: what is a black hole? Is time travel really possible? What is “relativity”? or “quantum physics”? or “if the Universe is filled with stars, why is it dark in space but not on Earth?” or the classic “Did Einstein really fail his math class?” 2. Okay, remember how in chemistry they use symbols like “O” for oxygen and “H” for hydrogen and there’s like 120 elements all total? And if you know them, life in chemistry was much easier? Well, physics has some common symbols that they use too! You will be quizzed regularly on these, so go ahead and start learning them now. Some you already know, like time, distance, and speed. Some you’ve probably never heard of before. If you want to know what one is, like “Magnetic Flux Density”, just look it up on the internet. Make some flash cards and start quizzing yourself. I’ll give you a grade on the first day based on how many you know AND on how awesome your flash cards are so make them flashy!  See “What the Units Tell You” at the end of this packet.

3. A little more memorization: English became the international language of science after WWII. Before

C:\Users\e199201050\Desktop\Dr. Crymes Summer Assignment AP B.docx

that German, Latin, and Greek were the big guys. Because of this, a LOT of physics symbols are Greek so we need to learn some of the Greek letters. Same deal here: make some flash cards, learn them, and bring your amazing flash cards to class the first day OR make a memory card/matching game. The shortened list of Greek letters you need to know is at the end of this packet as well. 4. You like TV, right? I want you to watch a couple of classic, and I do mean CLASSIC, physics videos. You can find them on YouTube (search for “Frames of Reference (1960)”) and at About the first 40 seconds are silent, just so you know. You might find the videos in 2 parts and they should be around 27 minutes total. I want you to write down 20 good physics facts from watching.

5. This is a quick refresher of the Metric System:
Everything in physics is measured in the metric system. The only time that you will see English units is when you convert them to metric units. The metric system is also called SI (from the French, “Système International”). In the SI system fundamental quantities are measured in meters, kilograms, Coulombs, and seconds. Once again, flash cards or memory cards!

Name of prefix


Numerical value


Scalars and Vectors
Hooray for the Internet! Watch the following two videos: For each video, summarize the content Mr. Khan is presenting in three sentences. Then,...
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