“Physician Assisted Suicides and Euthanasia, Right or Wrong?

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“Physician Assisted Suicides and Euthanasia, right or wrong?

Who should be the one to determine when to terminate a person’s life?”

Have you ever sat down to think about that question which lingers through everyone’s mind at one time or another? What tells us as humans if the things we do are either right or wrong? A lot of the time people answer that question by looking back at the time when they were children. People usually decide whether things are right or wrong based on the way they were taught to think. As children we are like “sponges” as people like to say, ready to suck all the knowledge we can. So, I began to wonder what have my parents always told me was wrong to do but I might disagree with depending on the situation. That took me back to my morals, ethics, and believes, as a child I was always told that no matter the circumstances “You should never hurt or kill someone” not always in those exact words but along those lines. They made it clear that I was in no right to hurt or end a persons life.

Many people tend to ignore the topic because it is very controversial and at times people cannot seem to find a straight answer that may satisfy them and everyone else. There is many times where people say that these things shouldn’t be done just because they may not want to seem cruel and uncaring, and I put myself in that same category.

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There has been several times where I have agreed with others on the topic saying I believe both physician assisted suicides and euthanasia were wrong just not too look bad. When I started to do the research paper I believed both procedures were wrong. At the end of my paper we will find out my feelings after I become better informed. I have always been taught that no one has the right to decide when one should die; the only one that has the power is “GOD”. I have also never been put in the situation aside from my uncle who was very ill and there was nothing that could be done, but he passed on his own. Even if he would have survived I don’t think any procedure would have crossed my mind. Then again I think that was a bit selfish, I really wasn’t thinking about him. I was really thinking about what we would all do with out my uncle if he were to pass away which is a bit thoughtless. I wasn’t thinking about if he was suffering or what type of pain he was having. I didn’t think about how he would hate to see himself in that state and always made it clear that in that state he wouldn’t want to live. What would have been the result if my uncle would have survived? Would it have been a long agonizing life of medical treatment and hospital visits? Was he ever going to be able to fend for himself? Was my aunt going to be in charge of taking care of him for the rest of his life and would she be okay? Those are questions I think about now, not when he was in the hospital. Would euthanasia or physician assisted suicides been a choice for my aunt to make if he would have survived but had to live with these machines forever? I guess that is something I will always have to wonder because I know I will never ask.

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I began my research wanting to know exactly what both procedures consisted of and what was the difference. I retrieved an article written by multiple physicians, and writers on the website http://www.euthanasia.com , which details and defines both procedures. According to the article it states that in order for a person to commit Euthanasia it consist of, “The intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his or her alleged benefit. (The keyword here is “intentional”. If death is not intended, it is not an act of Euthanasia)”. This procedure is also known as “Mercy Killing”. Basically to me it means that the physician gets legal consent from immediate family or spouse in terms of what they wish to do with their ill relative. So that means that the patient is incapable of...

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