Physician and Golden Company

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Assignment of DBMS

Draw the ER Diagram for the following case studies using any case tool like VISIO or ERWING or MSWORD.

Case Study 1:
You are assigned to design the database of General Hospital. Their requirements are as under: Record of doctors is kept along-with designation like Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Medical Officer etc. Each patient is allotted a patient number along-with his/ her complete record. Each visit of patient is recorded with reference to patient number allotted. A list is kept for doctors a patient is under treatment on each visit. Doctors has fixed monthly salary + fees for private outdoor patients + fees for operations. Fees for each type of operation is predefined. Fees for outdoor patient of each doctor is different. Bill for each visit of patient is made and stored. Management is interested in following reports:

Following reports are required on date-bases
(i.e., between from-date and to-date)
List of all the patients
List of all the patients treated by a particular doctor
List of operations performed by a doctor
List of all the outdoor patients checked by a doctor
List of all the doctors a patient is under treated by
Complete record of each patient
Record of any patient for a particular visit


Case Study 2:
Golden company wants to computerize its sales system. Golden Co. has its network across the country. Country is distributed in zones. Each zone covers one or more cities. Each city has one or more distributors. Golden company has number of products. Some products have more than one packing size. The sales process is: Delivery order is made for each approved order. One delivery order can be served in more than one supplies depending on the availability of material in the store. For each supply Invoice is made. Invoice should be made from the delivery order. Therefore we have to save the...
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