Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy
It seems to me that people do everything possible to avoid running. I don't understand it; I think that I would be living in a room with padded walls if I didn't run. To me, running is more then just a way to stay in shape or lose a few pounds. It is time that I can think; everything is so much clearer, nothing to bother me or cloud my mind; just the ground, the music in my headphones, and me. My head started to hurt after I tried writing the introduction to the sixth different topic for a descriptive essay. Confused and not really sure how I was going to get the paper done, I started to freak out and panic. I finally gave up trying to write about a girl I admire. Once again I glance down at the topics and notice that running is a topic. Frustrated with how I was wasting time, I decided to go on a run and try and clear things up for myself. The air is a little colder then I expected, and goose bumps form on my arms as I walk out my door. Scared of pulling a muscle, I tell myself, I'd better stretch really well. I hit "play" on my CD player, and a blast of sound startles me, I quickly turn it down, so that I can still hear around me. I like to hear the sounds around me when I run; the "whisping" sound of the wind blowing over my headphones seems to relax me.

As I start to run down my street, my ankles crack violently, so bad that I almost turn around but I can't, I need to run, like a engine needs fuel. I'm blinded for a few seconds; the bright rays of the sun seem to shine directly into my eyes. The light from the sun starts to warm me like sitting in front of a space heater. It has only been a few blocks, and yet I can feel the cool sweat form on my head. As I turn left towards out of town at the busy corner I start to think to myself, "How am I going to make it in college?" It has only been a few weeks and I am "spazzing out" like a 4th grader over a stupid essay. How should I start my intro, I ponder as I hear the repeating thump thump...
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