Physical Therapy

Topics: Therapy, Physical therapy, Philippines Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: March 25, 2011
This chapter presents the background of the study and the statement of the problem on why physical therapy is not famous in the Philippines. THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND

Over the years, the population of physical therapy in the Philippines is not that big unlike in the other countries. For the past years, the graduated physical therapists are fewer than in the present day. The common problems encountered by the physical therapy colleges are some of the students do not really know what physical therapy is, we physical therapy students and registered physical therapists should make a move on how will they know what physical therapy is. But the problem is, when the Filipinos hear about the profession, the first thought in their minds is “masahista lang yan” which is the physical therapists here in the Philippines makes so upset about that impression.

Physical therapy is important in the field of medicine. Physical therapy deals with the rehabilitation of the patients; we rehabilitate patients to make them able again. Physical therapy associations should promote the physical therapy to be known. There are several steps that we could do in promoting physical therapy to let the Filipinos know on what physical therapy really is.


This study aimed to develop and try-out to advertise in media the popularity of physical therapy in the Philippines.

1. Develop and validate seminars and reach out medical missions. 2. Identify the competencies of having good physical therapists. 3. Try-out and finalize the developed modules and missions.
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