Physical Security

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Physical Security Principles: An introduction
Animals and humans alike are territorial. The desire to protect, and defend is a primal instinct. Safety concerns have given the opportunity to numerous security companies to expand their product, and include means of physical protection for private and public buildings. Improvements are made constantly because the technology is advancing. Unfortunately, the most sophisticated systems cannot pretend to keep the public safe; security systems are a deterrent and contribute to lowering the probabilities of a harmful event. Many techniques are used, and some involve controlling the architectural design of buildings and their surroundings, monitoring the establishment’s access, and installing technologically advanced devises. First, the term physical security will be defined to better understand the particular areas of concern, and second an explanation of existing techniques can increase the reader’s appreciation of the subject. Definition

Physical security refers “to tangible impediments to attack or unauthorized entry” (Katz & Caspi, 2003, p. 163). Other definition suggests that “measures taken to prevent or deter attackers from accessing a facility, resource or information stored on physical media “(Purcell, 2007, p. 1) is a synonym of physical security. The facilities can represent private or public buildings. The principles of physical security recommend different methods of protection for these structures. The installation of a fence around the house, complemented with an alarm system, and video surveillance will provide added security. A public building’s needs require more detailed work because of the facility’s characteristics. A team will make a risk assessment prior to identifying the technologies and techniques used to protect the structure.

Techniques and advance technologies
The protection of a building entails securing the perimeter of the construction. Ways to achieve this consists of the...

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