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Module 3 Case Study

Privacy is a topic that is now on the hot plate more than ever. With the U.S. government’s recent violations in the name of national security many are starting to ask where the line is. There is a reasonable expectation of privacy as we go about our daily lives. From work to personal time, we each expect a certain amount of privacy. Employees expect to give up some of this privacy while in the work place to meet their obligations. Examples of such would be fewer phone calls and less social time to allow for a higher production yield. Companies however, believe they are within their right to control what their employees do outside of work as well. Especially if these actions have an effect on the company’s production, safety and reputation. In the case of Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon’s drug usage during their baseball season, I believe the suspensions were appropriate for their actions. The $8 million contract Cabrera has, as well as Colon’s $3 million contract set clear expectations from their employers and Major League Baseball (MLB). The MLB’s drug use expectations are disclosed to the players before signing their contracts.

In 2006, the MLB established an agreement with the MLB Player’s association with a goal to deter and end use of banned substances. The result was the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. It aims to reduce drug usage and to “provide for… an orderly systematic, and cooperative resolution of any disputes that may arise concerning the existence, interpretation, or application” of the policy itself. In it, it lists comprehensively all the illegal and banned substances from cocaine to testosterone. It further goes to elaborate on rehabilitation measures to help players, as well as, suspension terms and consequences for violations of this policy.

The MLB has established these strict policies for the greater good of its players, fans and of the sport itself. This utilitarian approach is clear in its...

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