Physical Layer and LANs: What Role Does Ethernet Play in Today's LANs

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Week 2: Physical Layer and LANs - Discussion

LAN Topology (graded)
In order to understand a LAN you need to understand all the parts involved in constructing one. Discuss each of the components of a LAN as described in the textbook and in your research. What are the current standards for each of these components? What improvements are on the horizon? What role does ethernet play in today's LANs.

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.What role does Ethernet play in today's LAN?.
James Chasteen
11/5/2012 11:36:56 AM

Local Are Networks are a very common type of network for both residential and business applications and Ethernet "is the most common type of connection businesses use on their Local Area Network (LAN)."

Ethernet is so simple and fast that it is the easy choice for any network. And when people can make a decision easily they make it more often. I would argue that ethernet spawned LAN's popularity, maturity, and longstanding.

RE: .What role does Ethernet play in today's LAN?.
Professor Thomas
11/5/2012 1:39:22 PM

James, How do backbones relate to a LAN and vice versa? What are some differences in these networks?

RE: .What role does Ethernet play in today's LAN?.
Justin Noel
11/6/2012 12:59:39 PM

The backbone of the LAN can be argued to be the switches and routers along with the cabling that connects all of it together. This is the basic network infrastructure and how it connects the machines and devices on the LAN together. The difference in this is obviously the complexity and more and more is now including the ability to build out more wireless devices that require larger throughput through one or two ports. This means that...

Bibliography: Rouse, M. (2006). Ethernet . Search Networking .
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