Physical Geography Elements of Latin American

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discuss some of the connections between the following physical geography elements of Latin American temperature, precipitation, topography and altitudinal life zones

Latin America three-quarters of range in tropical range, on all the continents of the world, its conditions is the best. The temperature, compared to other states, its characteristics is warm; it is not like Asia so cold, also not like Africa so hot. The whole continent annual precipitation average up to 342 mm, equivalent to 3.2 times of Oceania, is one of the worlds most wet a continent. Climate type is mainly tropical rain forest and savanna climate. A tropical rainforest climate is mainly distributed in the Amazon plain, tropical savanna mainly distributed in Brazil highlands.

In this essay, I will discuss some of the connections or associations between physical geography elements of Latin America. Temperature

The temperatures associated with any given location in Latin American are a function primarily of the interactions of four factors: altitude, ocean currents, and precipitation, and topography


The best predictor of temperature is altitude, or elevation above sea level. The atmospheric temperature decreases on the average 6.4℃ per 1,000 meters of increased elevation. One of the most significant consequences of the correlation between elevation and temperature is the existence in Latin America of altitudinal life zones. Most of Latin America, from sea level to approximately 900 meter, is dominated by tierra caliente, or hot lands. Because freezing temperatures are never approached, the tierra caliente is associated with the cultivation of perennial, cold-sensitive, so-called tropical crops that cannot be grown commercially in the midlatitude countries. The incessant heat and humidity of the lowlands fade into a zone of year-round mild temperatures called the tierra templada, or temperate lands. The tierra templada historically has supported numerous...
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