Physical Fitness Worksheet

Topics: Strength training, Exercise, Physical exercise Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Components of Physical Fitness| Description| How to Incorporate in Your Life| Benefit(s)| Cardiorespiratory Fitness| Being able to exercise at a moderate to high intensity for a long period of time| Walk 2 miles at a brisk pace every day.| Reduced the risk of heart disease, hypertension, and high cholesterol.| Muscular Strength| Having muscular strength is being able to build the strength of your muscles to be at their fullest potential. | Ways to incorporate muscular strength in your life includes resistance training like weight lifting on a consistent basis for two to three times a week, approximately 10 repetitions of eight exercises. It is important to give yourself a break in between resistance training days to avoid injury. | Benefits of muscular strength include, but are not limited to, stronger bones and decreased risk of injury. Muscular strength can also improve one’s perception of their self image. | Muscular Endurance| Having muscular endurance is being able to use your muscles at their fullest potential for an ongoing period time.| A way to build muscular endurance is after consistently following a resistance training routine for a period of time in which you are able to train at ease increase the amount of resistance or weight by ten percent, and continue this until you reach your desired endurance.| A benefit of muscular endurance in addition to the benefits listed above is increased metabolism, which allows you to burn fat faster. Burning fat faster would also improve the efficiency of your workout. | Flexibility| Flexibility is being able to move all the joints in your body freely.| A good way to incorporate flexibility into your life is through stretching activities two to three times a week. Activities such as yoga and tai chi can help attain flexibility.| There are many benefits of flexibility, such as, a reduced risk of injury, and an improved posture. I imagine flexibility would also increase...
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