Physical Fitness Components

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Physical Education
as a part of educational system, is the pattern which helps in the development of the potentials of an individual which enable them to attain total fitness to serve as a guide in having a ―Good Life‖.

The major goal of physical education is fitness.
Physical fitness is the ability to perform one’s daily task efficiently without undue fatigue and with enough reserved energy. In order to attain a well-fit body, the following components must be observed:

• Organic Vigor – refers to the soundness of the heart and lungs which contributes to the ability to resist disease • Endurance – is the ability to sustain long-continued contractions where a number of muscle groups are used • Strength – quality of being strong • Power – refers to the ability of the muscles to release maximum force within the shortest period of time • Flexibility – capacity of muscle groups and the body joints to move through the normal range of motion; ability to perform a wide range of motion • Agility – quickness and lightness of movement • Speed – ability to move fast in a shortest period of time

To be able to test the capacity of an individual in performing daily tasks, physical fitness tests should be conducted twice a year, pre-test in the beginning of the school year and a post-test at the end of the school year.

Anthropometry - the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body.

Body Mass (Weight) • Purpose - Body mass (weight) in combination with stature (height) is used to determine body mass index indicates whether one is of normal weight, overweight or obese. It is also relevant to sports where light individuals excel as in distance running and marathon, or in throwing events in athletics where heavier individuals perform better. • Equipment - Bathroom scale accurate to 0.5 kilograms placed on an even and firm surface. The scale should be calibrated regularly, using known standard weights such a barbell plates. • Procedure • Make sure the scale is adjusted to zero; • The pupil should be barefoot and wearing light clothing: a tshirt and shorts and • The pupil stands erect and still with weight evenly distributed on the center of the scale. • Scoring – Record standing height to the nearest 0.1 centimeters.

Stature (Height)
• Purpose - Stature or standing height is the distance between the floor to the vertex (top) of the head In conjunction with weight, the body mass index is computed to determine if one s or normal weight, overweight or obese. It is also an important (actor in several sports such as basketball, while weight lifters are usually of smaller stature. • Equipment • A tape accurate to 0.1 centimeters, firmly mounted to a wall that does not have a skirting board. Make sure that the tape is fully stretched and - attached firmly to the wall. • A spirit level; and • An even and firm floors.

• Procedure • The pupil stands erect on bare feet with heel, buttocks and shoulders pressed against the tape measure; • The heels are together with the arms hanging freely by the side with palms facing the thighs; • The tester applies gentle upward traction to the skull behind the ear to ensure that the body is fully stretched and the head is not tilted backward • The pupil is instructed to look straight forward, takes a deep breath and stand as tall as possible; • Make sure that the heels of the pupil are not raised; and • Put the spirit level against the wall with the base on top of the head and using the spirit level indicator to insure that it is level. • Scoring - Record standing height to the nearest 0.1 centimeters.

Sitting Height
• Purpose - Sitting height is the vertical distance from the sitting surface to the vertex (top) of the head it is the total of the trunk, neck and head length. The ratio of sitting height to the standing height is relevant to performance in a number of sports, as for example in the jumping events where it is better for this ration to be lower,...
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