Physical Evidence of Airline Industrty

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hyPhysical Evidence Physical Evidence refers to the environment in which the service is delivered and where the service industry and customer interact. The aircraft by itself, the seating configuration meant to be comfortable and spacious, and the in-flight food provide physical evidence to the airline service. The Boeing Company and The Airbus Industry are the best commercial aircraft makers and almost all airline industries make use of one of these airlines. The seating is such that it is comfortable and there is enough leg space. The in-flight food is another, important aspect, a wide selection of meals is offered to the passengers. Passengers are requested to indicate their reference at the time of reservation itself. Delta Airlines has introduced new sleeper seats with electric controls for reclining lumbar support, leg rest extension, expanded seat back height for a more insulated environment etc. thus providing highly comfortable seating. Booking offices, ticket counters, etc. must be spacious and well designed with good looks. Further the air crafts must be given good exteriors and must be maintained well. The aircraft must have elegant interiors and must be incorporated with all basic facilities. The aircrafts must have well designed seats with more leg room especially in the business class. Domestic lounges are enhanced with good interiors and basic amenities which will make it an ideal place to conduct business, entertain or relax. The jet logo prominently displayed on each of its aircrafts, is used a cue to trigger of a reminder of the customer’s experience at Jet & also of all the values that jet airways stands for. The physical evidence would also include the other facilities in the aircraft. Some of the bigger aircrafts have more than the usual facilities on board. These sort of tangible clues act as identification marks for the airline & help the customer to evaluate on airline from another.

Quality Dimensions: RATER Analysis Customers don’t assess the quality of service on one dimension only, they use multiple parameters to judge the quality of the service that they are being offered. These characteristics which people consider vary from person to person, industry to industry. Even depend upon the product on offer. Because of the intangibility and multifaceted nature of many services, it may be harder to evaluate the quality of a service than a good. Because the customers are often involved in the service production a distinction needs to be drawn between the process of service delivery and the actual output of the service. The most extensive research into service quality is strongly user oriented. Services are broadly classified into 10 dimensions namely: Tangibility Reliability Responsiveness Competence Courtesy Credibility Security Access Communication Understanding the customer Since most of these dimensions are overlapping they were pooled down to five dimensions as given below: Reliability Assurance Tangibles Empathy Responsiveness

When we look at these dimensions with respect to the airline industry we find that the following service qualities are expected by the customer. • Reliability – flights to promised destinations depart and Arrive on schedule • Assurance – trusted name, good safety record, Competent employees • Tangibles – aircraft, ticketing counters, baggage area, uniforms • Empathy – understanding of special individual needs, anticipates customer needs • Responsiveness - prompt and speedy system for ticketing, in- flight, baggage handling RELIABILITY – Ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. This would basically be that company delivers to the customer what is promised & the customers basically like to deal with companies that can fulfill their promises. When we look at the airline industry we can see the following things the customer would expect certain basic facilities like: some functional infrastructure provided to him, the flight leaving & taking...
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