Physical Education Philosophy

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For as long as Physical Education has been a part of schools curriculums, there isn’t one standard definition defining exactly what it is. Each state has its own standards and expectations in their curriculum for Physical Education. Although each teacher may not agree, or enjoy teaching certain units of the class, they are required to. There are many different models to adapt to as a teacher, such as the Health-Related Physical Education Model, the Academic-Integration Model, the Personal and Social Responsibility Model, the Sport-Education Model, and the Adventure-Education Approach. All of these focus on different areas of Physical Education.

I believe the most fun model for the children to take part in, would be the Sport-Education Model. It’s understood that not every student has an interest in sports or competition, but this model also offers activities such as dance, cycling, outdoor adventure activities, and various fitness activities. All of these activities are great ways for students to engage in physical activity. Personally, I would enjoy teaching the Sport-Education model as well. Even though there are activities involved that I don’t have much experience with, I’d definitely be interested in learning more about them. Looking back at my first Philosophy assignment, I think there is a lot in common between that and chapter 10. I’ve always enjoyed participating, learning, and teaching sports. I feel that there is no more enjoyable way to focus on weight loss while having fun, than playing sports with friends and peers. During my years at Sachem, physical education changed grade by grade. Each school year we would be enrolled in a gym class that focuses on different activities than the year before. I felt that it was effective because we weren’t being thrown too much information all at once. We were able to learn things, and not be rushed through each unit.
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