Physical Education Is Vital for All

Topics: Obesity, Exercise, Physical exercise Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Physical Education is Vital for All

Physical education is required in every American high school and for a good reason too. Many kids argue that P.E. classes aren’t important. These claims are false and are an example of the laziness of today’s youth. There are many reasons why physical education should be required, but perhaps the most important are that P.E. is good for one’s health, it teaches students about exercise and nutrition, it helps relieve stress, and it helps students develop healthy habits that they can use now and in the future.

It is true, however, that there are some negative effects of having physical education in high school. For example, students can take six classes during the regular school day, but if a student takes P.E., at the most, a student could only have five academic classes. For some healthy students, physical education might be viewed as a waste of their time, since they exercise on their own anyway. For these individuals, they would rather spend the hours they have at school learning about history, math, science, and literature. Therefore, having a P.E. class would cut into their schedule and would take an hour away from another potential academic subject. Another point is P.E. classes, like others, are offered throughout the day, so some students would have P.E. in the morning while others would have it in the afternoon. A person could argue that while exercising during some random period of the day, the student could become excessively fatigued and this might make the student forget information he or she is trying to remember for a test. Also, if a student worked out hard on a hot day and could not take a shower afterwards due to lack of time or embarrassment in shedding clothing in front of peers, he/she would have to sit through the rest of his/her classes smelling sweaty and offensive. These reasons may all be true, but they are not strong enough arguments to support the notion of eliminating P.E. classes from American...
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