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Out of school youth are the vulnerable population with a complex needs. Many employments prospects and uncertain futures. Out of school youth are broadly define as youth ages 16-21 who are not in school and who are unemployed, underemployed or lack in basic skills, while there is no single system that provides services to out of school youth. Many system can play role in better addressing human services, including public education, juvenile justice, community and faith sectors. Multiple funding services can support initiatives to serve out-of-school youth. Service to the people is the basic foundation of the government. Section 4 Article II of the Philippines Constitution states that “The prime duty of the government is to serve and protect the people”. The government must be attuned to in implementing the government program for the welfare of the people should will support and cooperate in an administration attaining the objectives of different programs undertaken by the government especially for youth development. It required managing in order that they effectively respond to the requirements of progress to satisfy essential community. A number of factors such as commitment to development goals and objectives responsive government structure and optimal utilization of financial, political, institutional and other resources as may be needed for effective and efficient performance, with this vast power, authority and resources given to them in order to help the out-of-school youth, the government could be responsive to the needs specially to the youth. With such development there is a greater to maximize the limited resources of the government services, requires comprehensive evaluation of its plans programs and budgets to an organizational objectives. Although rapid unbanization has had negative consequences on the peoples quality of life and on the physical environment, urban centers. Yet, sometimes that some of the programs for the youth sectors being not more useful and being not anticipated because of big role in decision making realizing that the program should be careful in handling adequately controlled the resources accomplishing their objectives and with an effective relevance to the needs of out of school youth and ability them to change.


National Training Council (NTC); RMI-University of the South Pacific enter (RMI/USP) implement a program about out of School Youth. The average age of the population of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) is relatively low. A young vibrant population can be seen as an asset, particularly for a small economy. However, an exponential increase in out-of-school youths around the country and especially on the streets of Majuro city is a major cause for concern. Many people have a misleading impression of the abilities and capacities of “out-of-school youths” or “drop-outs”. It is generally assumed that this group needs to re-do and re-learn the most basic literacy skills. Hence, it is marginalized and ostracized. In fact, out-of-school youths do have some experience of learning within the formal system. Moreover, many of them have gained rich learning experiences from their environment and culture. Thus, basic literacy does not necessarily mean teaching literacy in its most basic forms. However, the acquired skills and knowledge need to be recognized, tapped into and enhanced. Out-of-school youths may have failed to complete their education in the formal system due to various reasons, such as socio-economic or health issues, urbanization, stigmatization, teacher/teaching factors or curriculum problems. A number of organizations are engaged in concerted efforts to curb these problems. The government is also fully aware that these young people represent the future of RMI and has thus contracted the National Training Council (NTC) to work on the development of out-of-school youths’ skills and...

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