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Topics: Education, United States, Physical exercise Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: January 24, 2014
1) “Should Students Require Physical Education” Do you agree? Should students require physical education? People’s opinions are divergent on such a controversial issue. Some may argue that physical exercises are very crucial to students and that it must be compulsory, while others may raise numerous reasons to argue against the requirement. In the last ten years, our culture has changed dramatically. Physical education is a course that is taken in school to educate the young about physical exercises and fitness. It helps students improve their knowledge on health issues and practices that will lead to a more enjoyable life. However, some schools do not make it compulsory for students to participate in physical education classes, due to physical disabilities. Therefore, I do agree to a large extent that students do require physical education. In developed countries such as The United States Of America, there has been a rise in obesity cases. Physical education should be required every year for all public school students. However, some students are not able to participate in physical education due to medical conditions; hence all the others should be required to take part in physical education lessons. Their involvement in physical education teaches them about lifelong fitness. Students who do not participate in physical education are most likely not to be physically active as adults. But, by not teaching children about physical education, it almost certainly adds to the problem. Thus, regular exercises may be the best way to decrease the amount of obesity cases in the world. In conclusion, physical education is necessary in students’ lives.
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