Physical Education

Topics: Education, Exercise, Physical education Pages: 2 (885 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Physical Education
During the four years of High School I noticed how many students ditch, do not dress, or do not put effort into their Physical Education class. But I especially saw this when I became a leader for a Freshmen P.E. class. Kids took this time to socialize or as break from their core classes. There was that one hand full of students who did take their P.E. class serious, the rest would say, “It’s only P.E.” For those who do not dress get “punished” by having to go sit in a study hall during the class period. If exercise is not mandatory throughout the school day when will the youth make time to exercise? Physical education should not be a debatable topic, especially now when the U.S. is facing a huge problem with childhood obesity is when we should reinforce exercising throughout the day. Others would say that P.E. should be optional to those who are fit, and mandatory to those who are unfit, however, if you think about it who will be the right person to make the decision whether a student is fit or unfit. This can cause a student’s self-esteem to lower, not just that but this can also trigger bullying. I disagree that physical education should be an option. Physical education should be a mandatory class and there should be a bigger punishment for those who decided to not dress. America’s youth needs to become more active. With all the new technology advancements there are a lot of new activities for students to do after school. Before the video games, the computers, and the iPads, the only thing there was to do was run outside playing tag or a game of soccer. But now a days kids sit on the couch play video games, and what is better than playing video games and eating Cheetos, pizza, or other junk foods, NOTHING! Kids do not make time to exercise; therefore it is very important that they take a physical education class during the school day. Not only will they be taking a break from math, reading, and science, but they will be exercising...
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