Physical Bullying

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Verbal abuse Pages: 4 (1138 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Chandler Magee
Freshman Composition 101-004
Mr. Lyles
November 11, 2012
Is Bullying Acceptable or Unacceptable?
The issue being discussed is that some people believe that bullying is part of life and is okay while others believe bullying is a major problem in today’s world. In this essay, the view-point being claimed is bullying is harmful and actually can become dangerous to an individual causing mental damaged, possibly physical or even loss of a life. The counterargument is people believing that bullying is okay and actually helps teenagers grow up and be a stronger individual. The stakeholders are the parents of the bullies, the bully, and the victims. As you read on, you will see that the winning side is bullying being harmful and dangerous, not something that should be tolerable. It is hard to understand how harmful bullying can really be without having ever been in a situation, but this shall explain from a victims point of view.

It is hard to believe that people actually believe that bullying helps build individual’s character by someone physically, mentally, socially, and psychologically abusing someone. Some people even believe that bullying is a great source of entertainment by watching someone getting bullied by someone much stronger than them. The person who is bullying may believe that it helps them to over-power someone who is weaker than they are because it makes them feel better, get over stress. Mainly symbolizing the abuse they may go through at home or fills an empty spot they have in their life. Some parents or adults may even believe that bullying is a way for kids to become a stronger individual and help them to stick up for their selves. “Situation comedies and reality television, as well as real life situations in schools, for example, show that acting out is more likely to get noticed than behaving oneself civilly and courteously” (Bullying Statistics Para 5). All of the following is a wrong way to go about building someone’s...
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