Physical And Technological Resources Used By Sainsbury

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Physical and Technological Resources used by Sainsbury’s Physical Resources
Physical resources are the tangible parts of the company which are: materials and waste, plant and machinery, equipment including ICT, planned maintenance and refurbishment, Emergency provision, Insurance and Security. Buildings and Facilities:

Sainsbury’s have over 1,200 stores that cater for different purposes. They have Convenience stores, concessions, supermarkets and mixed use developments. They have over 600 convenience stores that are roughly about 4,500 sq. ft. These provide local communities with quality, fresh, affordable food within walking distances of their homes. Over 14,000 people work in these stores and this business is growing at 18% a year. Concessions at Sainsbury’s trade within the stores and car parks delivering a range of products and services to their customers. Their supermarkets provide a range of food products, and in their bigger stores homeware, electrical and their Tu clothing range. They generate employment and often provide a regeneration focus for areas of towns and cities. Concessions at Sainsbury's trade within the stores and car parks, delivering a complementary and compelling range of products and services to their customers. Their partners include: Timpson, Johnsons Dry Cleaners, Centre for Dentistry, Explore Learning, Bupa, Starbucks, Thomas Cook, RAC, AA and Virgin Holidays.

Materials and Waste:
Sainsbury's have implemented a scheme to reduce waste and materials used in the production and disposal of their goods. It is the 20x20 sustainability plan. A quote from Sainsbury's says “Sainsbury's aim to be the UK’s greenest grocer and look to act sustainably, address climate change and conserve resources. The scale of the business means Sainsbury's can make a massive difference by reducing their impact on the environment and having a positive effect and using a leadership position to engage and encourage suppliers and others to do the same.”...
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