Physical and Technical Resources

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Physical and Technical Resources – P3

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|Physical |Technical | |Premises: |Intellectual property: | |All businesses need good premises where they can operate their |Intellectual property is the right in which people can own idea’s | |business from. The building they operate from have an effect in the |and decide what happens to them. This is similar to having copyright| |people that work for them and three customers. Having buildings |to an idea and uses it. Businesses have to have intellectual | |located in strong economic areas is very important for the business.|property so they can try and be one step ahead of similar businesses| |Footlocker layout their stores all around the country and this shows|and offer better or cheaper products and services for their | |in their success. The layout has many rows of shoes, clothes and |customers. | |other sports accessories to attract the attention of the customers. | | |Once they have chosen the item that they wish to purchase, they can | | |then take them to the till where they can be purchased. In business | | |like Footlocker the product would need to be aesthetically pleasing | | |to the customers, being attracted to the building will naturally | | |result in...
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