Physical and Psychological effects of love

Topics: Love, Taj Mahal, Nerve growth factor Pages: 3 (1266 words) Published: March 16, 2014

Being in love is one of those life experiences that many people desire. Since ancient times, love has been the force that has motivated writers, such William Shakespeare who wrote o his famous play “Romeo and Juliet”, and painters such Vincent Van Gogh that incited by the love for Margot Begemann, one of his muses, to paint momentous paintings. Paris and Helen of Troy’s love lead to one of the most famous wars, The Trojan War. Because of love, Emperor Shah Jahan to built The Taj Mahal to perpetuate through the centuries his love for Mumtaz Mahal his favorite wife. Love does not recognize gender, color or race. Love can start a revolution in a person’s life. The main effects of falling in love can triggers remarkable physical and psychological responses in the human body. To begin with, love generates physical responses. When people fall in love, many effects are unknown. People perceive that something good is happening in their lives. An effect of being in love is brain rejuvenation. An association between being deeply in love and levels of serum of nerve growth factor (NGF) has been found. As part of their research Dr. Boer, Buel, and Horst(2012) explained, what is this “ Nerve growth factor (NGF) is a neurotrophin involved in several processes, including survival, apoptosis, differentiation, and maturation of neurons”(p.118). In other words The NGF is a protein that promotes the neuron’s growth. Dr. Sultan Tarlaci, member of the Neurology Intensive Care and Cognitive Neuroscience Group, researched people who were deeply in love to demonstrate that during this stage the NGF increases. The research showed that the levels of serum increased in people who were in love, and he cited: Serum levels were compared between people who were not in love and those who had been in love for a short time (the first six months) and for long time (49 months).Serum levels in the newly passionate lovers were found to be...
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