physical activity and academic performance

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Research Paper

“Physical Activity and Academic Performance”

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In schools across the United States, physical education had been substantially reduced and in some cases completely eliminate. Because, of budget cuts and of concerns and pressure to improve academic test scores. But through my research evidence has shown that children who are physically active and fit attend to perform better in classroom and in daily physical education classes. The question through this research can schools provide a positive learning environment also tend children's health improve through physical activity in gym class.

“Research Question”

The research question that I have to ask is that physical activity on academic performance among those children at a higher rest of the bases in the United States does not include any gender of male to female ratios. Nor does the research include any Caucasian or Afro-American's Latinos Native Americans Asian-Americans who wore any studies done with different income levels education backgrounds. Mostly all of my research, I found that it was mostly basic not into any find detail.

Another question that was brought to my attention was the fact that children playing video games watching television on the Internet. Does this play a part in the fact that many of the children in the United States are unhealthy?

The question must be ask who is to blame for this epidemic that is affecting argues today. Our children parents to blame for healthy or the school is to blame. After reading the articles and writing newspaper I have more questions now than before I start.

Today, obesity is one of the most pressing health concerns for her children. Most than one third of the children and teens, approximate 25 million children, are overweight or obese. The physical inactivity is leading contribute to this epidemic. The United States Surgeon General recommends children should engage in 16 minutes of activity most days of the week. Estimates show that only 3.8% of elementary school provides physical education. Norton, P. A., & Burnes, M. A., & Hope, D. A., & Bauer, B. A.(2000).

Schools serve as an excellent place to provide physical activity for students on a daily basis. Also, teaching students the importance of regular physical activity for better health and a better lifestyle. Unfortunately, most shows a get little or no regular physical activity while in school. Norton, P. A., & Burnes, M. A., & Hope, D. A., & Bauer, B. A. (2000).

Many school districts have major issues with budgets constraints and increasing pressure to improve scenarist test scores. These issues have called schools officials to question the value of physical education and other physical activity programs. This has led to a substantial reduction in the time available for physical education classes. Or worse of all some schools have eliminated all physical activity programs. Many parents and doctors have argued that schools should allow time for daily physical education classes and the impact have shown that regular exercise may improve student’s concentration and cognitive learning. Murray, N. P. (2006).

Many schools districts have downsized or limited physical education under the assumption that much classroom instruction time will improve academic performance. Conclusion from the study had increased and improvement of highest test scores. Murray, N. P. (2006).

To date, there have been five control experimental studies in the United States. They have evaluated the effects one academic performance of allocating additional instruction time for physical education. All five studies clearly demonstrated that physical activity does not need to be sacrificed for academic excellence. Pritchard, T., & Hawkins A., & Wiegand, R., &...

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