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A. Conformity-Influenciency Behavior
a. Conformity: changes in perceptions, options or behaviors in way that are consistent with group norms. b. Rules we have of conduct in a given context
c. Person Space Norm- people uncomfortable being too close
d. Do you really mean it?
d.i. Private acceptance: comfortable because you honestly believe what others are doing is right. d.ii. Public compliance: conforming without believing in the correctness of others in the group. B. ***** Social Influence

a. Allowing other to influence how we see and understands the world around us. b. **** 1973 Study: Autokinetie effect
b.i. In a completely dark room with not fra of reference to a **** point appears to move b.ii. Alone participants give wide** variety of results.
b.iii. In a group, participants hear others estimates influencing how they respond until they can merge? Together. b.iv. Maunipated by a *** even after ** left
C. When do people conform to informal social influence
a. When they don’t know how to act (Ambigous Situation)
b. Crisis
c. Whenever someone knows more than them
D. *** Psychogenic illness
a. A group of peple show similar symptoms
b. How does it happen
b.i. Excessive stress can “make” symptoms
b.ii. Symptoms can be vague, open to interpretations
b.iii. Conformity and information influence
E. Normative Social Influence
a. Influence due to the fears of negative
b. Asch 1955 study on Normative Social Influence
b.i. Can people be influenced o deny reality
b.ii. 6-8 participants just length of lines
b.iii. Ones was obviously correct (90% of the time)
b.iv. 2-3 participants were confederates giving wrong responses. b.v. 50% to 80% participants yield at least once. Groups fewer than 3 brings down conformity likelihood b.vii. An ally agrees with you
F. *****
G. When we don’t conform?
a. When social or normative influence is low, people my engage in reactance a.i. Feel control is threatened
a.ii. Behave opposite the influence
H. Obedience
a. When Behavior is influenced due to the direct commands of authority figure. b. Milgrams 1963 obedience’s study
b.i. How far would people go to shock
b.ii. Participants were teachers, teach student word pair.
b.iii. Students mistakes with electro shock
b.iv. Students were 23% accurate
b.v. Next shock worse than previous, students expressed agony 60% shock at maximum level
c. Variations of the experiments
c.i. No gender differences
c.ii. 47% conformity outside yale university
c.iii. Less authority, Less respect
c.iv. **** same room – 47%
c.v. Holding down learners hand- 30% Authority remotely, conformity drops
c.vii. No authority= 19%
c.viii. Another teacher (confederate)= 10% *****
c.ix. ****
i. Why do people obey? (Authority)
a. Experimenter orientates social norm for acceptable behavior a.i.1. Only are Person (Expert)****
a.i.2. *****
b. Participants want to please experimenter
j. Other social psychical process
a. Power of situation
a.i. Situation overwhelmed attitude toward hurting people
b. Cogitative Dissonance
b.i. Gradual *** in shock slowly made it acceptable
c. Attribution
c.i. Participants could blame experimenter for any outcome
k. Appreciation of Social influence
a. How others to do what you want
a.i. **** People are most likely to do something for you if you do something for them. a.i.1. *** Was essential for survivial
a.i.2. ****- help someone who helped you
a.i.3. Guilt over not ****
a.i.4. Doesn’t work for close family
b. Door in the face- make a request that will be turned down; large request followed by what you want (1000 vs 100) b.i. ******
b.ii. Bir request followed by smaller= 50% compliance
b.iii. Vs just the small request= 15%
c. That’s not all
c.i. Adding something to the deal
c.ii. Burger1986 selling cupcakes
c.iii. $1.25 but seller reduces it to $1 vs sale vs control c.iv. Several people bought are TNA ***
d. Reducing effectiveness of ****...
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