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25, March 2012

General Psychology

Jason Turner

Human Influence


There are five general perspectives on human behavior, learning, biological, sociocultural, cognitive, and psychodynamic influences. To understand them I will summarize each and examine them from a relationship standpoint and I will use my grandparent’s relationship to compare them.

The first Human behavior is learning this in association with the relationship I am relating it to can be summarized by a first impression, but goes on throughout the course of the whole relationship. Social cognitive learning theorists have a combination of how people learn in their environment, but also how they react to others and sometime imitate them. This in my grandparents relationship even when they were in their 60’s they said they still learned from each other, of course they were probably completely different people when they first met compared to later on in their lives.

From talks with my grandfather he said he learned a ton about life through my grandmother, some had to do with her amazing way to manage money. I believe that when in a relationship such as theirs where it lasted many years they were both huge contributing factors to their environment from their first meeting to their children being born all the way to their retirement.

Next I turn to the biological perspective, this focuses on bodily events affect behavior feelings and thoughts. This to me brings to mind the age old quote “can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them” when referring to my grandparents. This especially in relationships I believe is very important, your biology I believe has a lot to do with whom you will be in relationships, not just looks but subconsciously according to a study done by the bbc “ Women still subconsciously choose their mates based largely on their biology” the same is still true about men whom our book states still base attraction off of age. Younger...

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