Physcology Application Paper

Topics: Psychology, Mind, KILL Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Mesace Damas, a could blooded killer out of Naples, Fl who killed his 5 kids and wife by slaughtering their necks. Who shortly after ran away to Haiti. His sister-in-law contacted officials due to the fact that she hadn’t heard from them in a while. When deputies went to go investigate the scene they found a dead body and as they progressed through the house they 5 more bodies that were brutally slaughtered. They tracked Mesac’s GMC SUV at the Miami International Airport, and sure enough they found out he had fled to Haiti. What made Damas due such a horrific thing? Well let’s at this through the world of Psychology. Moral reasoning tells us that Mesac Damas was probably thinking somewhere along the post-conventional stage, which is when you start taking appreciation for the underlying purposes served by laws. In other words he was questioning and challenging the law. But what made him challenge the law? Let’s look at this through some of the major perspectives of psychology. Let’s start with the psychodynamic view. Was there something that happened in his childhood that could’ve been a factor to his brutal crime? He did grow up in an abusive home with an alcoholic dad, and was always fighting with his brothers and sisters. Maybe this affected him and caused him to permanently become violent. The behavioral perspective tells us that environment reinforces behavior. Well maybe it was the very violent and dangerous Haitian ghetto that he grew up in that could have reinforced his angry behavior and caused him to commit such an act. The Sociocultural perspective tells us that the social media or maybe cultural influence could have affected him. We could trace back to what music he listens to, maybe what he watches, or if he does, what video games he plays. If he listens to violent music, watches and plays violent movies and video games this could have been a huge factor. Almost every killing that they’ve traced back to has had this big factor included in. Maybe if...
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