Phyllis Schlafly's Family Court Injustices to Men: Article Critique

Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: August 13, 2010
Critical Thinking: Family Court Injustices to Men
Personally, I was outraged while reading this article but not surprised by the contents. Unfortunately, a few of my male friends and family members have been victims of the injustices of the family court system. Their experiences do not compare to the ridiculous events that the poor men in this article endured however, their circumstances were notably awful. Women have had to fight for equal opportunities in the workplace and in general life and by doing so; I feel that in cases like this men have had a bad hand dealt to them. There are dead beat fathers that do not properly support the children they have therefore the men that want to take care of their children, as they should, are being punished for it. I find it dreadful that the courts dismiss and ignore critical evidence supporting a man’s responsibility to a child. I also am disturbed that “Innocent until proven guilty” has lost its meaning and in these cases did not apply. I find it completely repulsive that a woman is able to willing lie about the identity of her child’s father and the wrongfully accused is ordered to “pick up the slack.” What happened to “and Justice for all”?

The author’s, Phyllis Schlafly, purpose in writing this article was educate the public on the injustices that men receive in family court. I feel that by asking the questions to her audience she made her point very clear that the public is naive to both sides of family court. Usually, reports are news worthy only when a woman has been treated unfairly. The public rallies and helps a damsel in distress but the author made clear that there are two sides to every story but we only hear about one.

The author, made a great eye-opening argument for the injustice that occurs to fathers, hence the title of the article. She recalled several unfortunate situations from the past and painted an ugly picture of what happens in family court. As I stated previously, I know men...
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