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PHStat2 Version 2.5.5 Readme.
PHStat2 is Windows software that assists you in learning the concepts of statistics while using Microsoft Excel. PHStat2 allows you to perform many common types of statistical analyses working with and using the familiar Microsoft Excel interface. PHStat2 is an enhanced version of the original PHStat statistical add-in system. If you have used PHStat previously, read the "What's New in PHStat2?" section to discover the improvements that PHStat2 contains. (In your textbook, you should interpret any general reference to "PHStat" as a reference to PHStat2.) The rest of this document is organized into sections to assist you in setting up and using PHStat2. Table of Contents

1 Technical Requirements for PHStat2
2 Configuring the Microsoft Excel Analysis ToolPak Add-ins for PHStat2 3a Configuring Excel 2000-2003 Security for PHStat2
3b Configuring Excel 2007 Security for PHStat2
4 Setting up PHStat2
5 Using PHStat2
6 Updating PHStat2
7 Troubleshooting PHStat2
8 What's New in PHStat2?
Note: In this document, the symbol means “on the next submenu, select.” 1 Technical Requirements for PHStat2
There are separate requirements for using PHStat2 and running the PHStat2 setup program. The requirements for running the setup program are more exclusive. If you plan to setup PHStat2, make sure to review all of the requirements that follow. Requirements for using PHStat2:

Windows 98SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, or Vista computer system. Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2002(XP), 2003, or 2007. Excel 97 users must apply the SR-2 or a later free update from Microsoft. Microsoft Excel Data Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak–VBA installed (supplied on the Microsoft Office/Excel original program disc). For Excel 2000 through Excel 2003, Microsoft Office macro security level set to Medium (see Topic 3a “Configuring Excel 2000-2003 Security for PHStat2”). For Excel 2007, Trust Center Macro Settings set to Disable all macros with notification (recommended) or Enable all macros. See section 3a or 3b for more details. (There are no security settings in Excel 97 or the original, unpatched version of Excel 2000.) Internet access (for downloading updates to Microsoft Excel, from, and PHStat2, from, as they become available), optional but recommended. Requirements for running the PHStat2 setup program:

CD or DVD drive.
Approximately 10 MB hard disk free space while running the setup program and 3 MB hard disk space after program setup. On some older systems, the Windows system files that may get replaced or added during the setup process will require up to 6 MB additional hard disk space. Windows user account with administrator or software-installing privileges (does not apply to Windows 98Se or ME). Student or faculty accounts used to login onto networked computers in academic settings typically do not have this privilege. If you have such an account, ask your network or lab technician for assistance. Microsoft Vista users or users of security firewall suites such as ZoneAlarm may need to "allow" or "permit" the setup program to make changes to their system. 2 Configuring the Microsoft Excel Analysis ToolPak Add-ins for PHStat2 If you are using Excel 97, 2000, 2002, or 2003:

Open Excel and select Tools Add-Ins and in the Add-Ins dialog box that appears, verify that Analysis ToolPak (and Analysis ToolPak –VBA, if using PHStat2) is checked in the Add-Ins available list. Then click OK and exit Excel to save these settings. (If these two add-ins do not appear in the list, you will need to install them.) If you are using Excel 2007:

Open Excel and click the Office Button. In the Office Button pane, click Excel Options. In the Excel options dialog box that appears, click Add-Ins in the left pane and look for Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak –VBA under Active Application Add-ins. If they do not appear, click Go. in the Add-Ins dialog box that appears, verify that...
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