Phrases for Analysis

Topics: Comedy, Character, Protagonist Pages: 5 (1563 words) Published: December 19, 2010
• The story / article deals with / is concerned with / describes / examines / reveals / exposes o dwells on / explains / addresses / discusses / presents / covers / outlines / states o offers / considers / looks into / treats

• The story is set in ...
• The scene is laid in ..
• The story is written in a form of... (the author's recollections, the dialogue, narration, autobiography) • The action takes place in ...
• As the story unfolds, ...
• The plot of the story centres round ...
• The basic plot of the story develops slowly towards a violently dramatic incident and an ironical conclusion. • The plot of the story is complicated (intricate, tangled up, trite, commonplace, simple). • The plot of the story baffles the reader.

• The gist/core of the problem raised in the story is ... • The subject taken up in the story/article is ...
• The issues/problems of... are the concern of this article. • This problem is the subject of the article.
• The problems addressed in the article are acute / urgent / vital / burning. • The main idea/message of the story is ...
• ... is the main thread of the story.
• The idea is conveyed through the presentation of ... (the dialogue of...) • The moral of the story is ...
• The central conflict of the story is ...
• With the beginning of Chapter ..., the novel gains momentum and the mood changes. • The story has a deep emotional/intellectual appeal.
• The content is an objective/subjective reflection of reality. • The story deals with the burning problems of life: politics, economics, education, marriage, and so on. • The story is a broad reflector of the aims, confusions, concerns, ideas, and attitudes of ... • This story is intended to provoke thought.

• This story gives food for thought.
• This story is realistic in style, cordial in comedy, sympathetic in mood. • The story is full of problems, but they emerge as part of life which is so energetically, vividly, frankly offered for our inspection. • The story provokes contradictory assessments.

• The story is marked with pessimism/optimism.
• The story is characterized by gripping narrative and deep emotional impact. • The story is permeated with irony/lofty ideas/strong feelings. • The story is a remarkable insight into human character. • The story is an in-depth study of human nature.

• The story reveals human virtues and vices.
• This story reflects the author's preoccupation with the moral self. • The story shows the author's concern with the moral principles. • The story has a(n)interesting / entertaining / exciting / gripping / amusing / enjoyable / funny / witty / banal / skillfully developed / slow-moving / fast-moving plot. • The charm of the story lies in a realistic portrayal of the characters and a truthful description of... • This story is a delight to read, even though it is made of material which is so disgusting and depressing. • Whatever is sick, sad and ugly in modern urban life is depicted in the story; its rare moments of beauty too. • The author reveals the nature of his characters through (actions, details, dialogues, etc.)... • The author gives an account of...

• The author conveys his emotions to the reader using ... • The author brings to the reader's notice ...
• The author gives a comprehensive and vivid picture of... • The author remains concentrated on these problems throughout the story. • In this story the author voices dissatisfaction with ... • The author shows (presents) complex / complicated / simple / imaginary / realistic / (un)convincing / superficial / flat / round / well(badly) portrayed characters. • The author seems to be the spokesman of the spirit of time. • The author's aim is to...
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