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Topics: Photosynthesis, Wavelength, Electromagnetic radiation Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: April 23, 2013
The effect of different wavelengths of light on photosynthesis rate in spinach leaves

This experiment was performed to test the effect of different wavelengths of light had on photosynthesis. According to the results gathered we can say that if two plants are put under different lights, one green and one a normal light, that the plant under the normal light will perform photosynthesis at a higher rate than the plant under the green light. This experiment is important because it shows us the effect of different wavelengths of light had on photosynthesis. Introduction:

Photosynthesis is a two stage process. The first process is the Light Dependent Process (Light Reactions), requires the direct energy of light to make energy carrier molecules that are used in the second process. (Photosynthesis, 2010)The Light Independent Process (or Dark Reactions) occurs when the products of the Light Reaction are used to form covalent bonds of carbohydrates. In the Light Dependent Processes (Light Reactions) light strikes chlorophyll a in such a way as to excite electrons to a higher energy state. In a series of reactions the energy is converted (along an electron transport process) into ATP and NADPH. Water is split in the process, releasing oxygen as a by-product of the reaction. The ATP and NADPH are used to make bonds in the Light Independent Process (Dark Reactions) (Photosynthesis, 2010). In the Light Independent reactions, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is captured and is modified by the use of hydrogen to create carbohydrates (Raven, Johnson, Mason, Losos, & Singer, 2011). In cellular respiration, the glucose that is made in photosynthesis is taken and converted into ATP which is used as energy to drive other functions done throughout the cells. The electromagnetic spectrum is special in the process of photosynthesis because it shows the different wavelengths of the different colors of light. This helps us find out what color(s) of light are...

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