Photosynthesis Notes

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Sea Slugs Experiment

A. These sea slugs were analyzed in an intertidal habitat in the coastal waters of Puerto Rico and the data about the distribution of these organisms were reflected upon a table, showing the different times of day and how far the distribution seemed to be. I had graphed this table as to clearly see the distribution of the sea slugs throughout the day. It reflects that during the day time Sea Slugs disperse more freely. However, during the night they gather together and there is little or no dispersion present. 3 Physiological or environmental variables that could cause the slugs to vary in distance from each other, are activities of other organisms in the same ecosystem, tide levels, and most likely the temperature of the water. Sea slugs often live in both hot and cold environments depending on their adaptation. Activities of different organism throughout the day can affect the environment sea slugs are existent upon because they can easily be disrupted, and easily perish if handled incorrectly. This can be predation that they have a fear of, so they gather as one group at night and continue upon their normal lives separated during the day. Another factor can be tide levels. At night, the moon causes more rapid tide levels that could not suit sea slugs. These organisms can easily be “eroded” and pushed away from their environments if the tides are strong enough. This may be a possibility of why they collaborate and join during the day instead of the nights. The Last factor, in which I assume to be the most accurate, is temperature of the water/the salinity of the water. As each organism usually has a tolerance of temperature and salinity, this can have a very large affect on the expanse of the slugs. As these slugs may prefer the warm water at night, the temperature (as to all water at night) will drop if not slightly, and this can irritate the slugs, so therefore they admix with one another.

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