photosynthesis lab report

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Photosynthesis Lab Report Purpose:
To research the effect of different wavelengths (colors) of light on plant growth during photosynthesis. Background Information:
Photosynthesis is the process by which sunlight is captured by chloroplasts within plant cells and turned into energy. This energy is used to help the plant grow roots, leaves, flowers and fruit. Energy is required by living things to: change shape, transportation, movement, growth, reproduction, etc. Red and blue light have the greatest effect on plant growth after white light The main pigment is chlorophyll which reflects green lights l Green and yellow light are the least effective

Plants can utilize light in both the red and orange end and the blue end of the spectrum Blue light is more useful for vegetable growth
Red light is more useful for reproductive and root growth
Green and yellow light is reflected and not very helpful in plant growth The most important wavelengths of the blue spectrum are from 430nm to 450nm (cool light) The most important wavelengths in the re spectrum are from 640nm to 680nm (warm light) Green and yellow light are mostly reflected off the plant and that is why it appears green in color Photosynthesis occurs more quickly with the correct amount of energy White light has a similar growth to blue light but slower.

White light is the optimal wavelength for photosynthesis because plants are able to absorb all other colors of ROYGBIV Temperature affects plant growth
It cannot be too hot because the plat will shrivel up
It cannot be to cool, or the plant will freeze
Ideal temperature for photosynthesis to occur is 68-95 degrees Fahrenheit Materials:
The materials of this experiment included: 5 100w light bulbs, 15 sugar snap peas seeds, 15 6oz.Styrofoam cups, 5 boxes, soil, 1 sheet of red cellophane,1 sheet of blue cellophane, 1 sheet of green cellophane, 1...
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