Photosynthesis Lab

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Photosynthesis Lab
Lab Report: Photosynthesis


Purpose of this Lab

What is the goal of this lab? What question are you trying to answer, or what problem are you trying to explain?

In this lab I will perform experiments to explain photosynthesis. I will answer questions like what does photosynthesis do and how does photosynthesis work?


After reading the lab instructions (but before starting the lab) record your best educated guess about what will happen in the experiment. Explain what lead you to this hypothesis.

I think that the fire will burn for a long time because fire needs oxygen.

Experimental Design List the materials used in this lab, and a brief explanation of the procedures you followed. (You do not need to retype the procedure; simply summarize your procedures). Add #’s where necessary.

1. Open Window.
2. Get beaker and water.
3. Pour water in the Beaker. Carobon dioxide is added.
4. Record pH of the water.
5. Submerge plant into water.
6. Place a funnel in inverted position on the plant. Be sure to cover the entire plant.
7. Place a test tube in inverted position to collect oxygen.
8. Move time forward 5 hours by clicking on the clock 5 times. After each hour check the pH of the water
9. Remove test tube.
10. Light the long splinter by using the candle and place the lit long splinter into the test tube.
Materials: pH meter, funnel, hydrilla, test tube, beaker, candle, water, splinter.


Experiment 1 Data and Observations

Step 4
Record the initial pH value of the water in the beaker:
Step 8
Record the pH value of the water in the beaker at:

1:00 pm:
2:00 pm:
3:00 pm:
4:00 pm:
5:00 pm:

Step 12
Record the behavior of the glowing splinter after it’s placed in the test tube:
It burned for 9 seconds. The flame was kind of big.

Record the duration of the burn:
9 seconds.

Experiment 2 Data and Observations
Hypothesis: The plant won't be able

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