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Topics: Photography, Dita Von Teese, Japan Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: October 16, 2013
Fashion photography has, in essence, become an art movement in its own right. With cultural references, old-meets-new, surreal deconstruction and challenges against ideas of ‘beauty’, it’s more than just fashion these days, darling – but it’s more fabulous than ever. A new book compiled by art director Paul Sloman, “New Fashion Photography” (Prestel), illustrates and profiles more than 30 artists from around the world. A collection of some of the most visionary images of this century, exclusive interviews and insightful commentaries guide you through the minds their makers. Introduced by fashion writer Tim Blanks, “New Fashion Photography” includes the likes of Nick Knight, Rankin, Chadwick Tyler, Miles Aldridge, Kourtney Roy, Paola Kudacki, Sean Ellis, Daniel Jackson and Pierre Debusschere. Japanese photographer Yasunari Kikuma has photographed the likes of Kate Moss and Dita von Teese amongst others for Vogue Japan, as well as shooting for Dune, Elle Japan, Vision China and Schön. Following two years in Paris, Kikuma returned to his hometown of Shizuoka and began cultivating a career in photography. Fusing Japanese and European culture with high-end fashion, Kikuma creates and captures images that extend beyond – and unite – the fabric of the clothing and the character of his subjects. Developing the cultural aesthetic of Japan beyond continental boundaries, he merges diverse cultures to reconstruct new ideas that embrace the extraordinary and the traditional within the realms of both fashion and photography. The idea of emphatic and cultural re-creation is embodied throughout Kikuma’s work. His inventive development results in new representations of the geometry and technicality behind each outfit that flourish out of the origins of the material. By modifying and exaggerating particular elements in front of and behind the lens, he creates a simultaneous embracing of the avant-garde, minimal, and purist, whilst an innovative adaptability enables Kikuma to shoot...
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