Photography Strategic Plan

Topics: Photography, Education in Scotland, Tulsa, Oklahoma Pages: 3 (674 words) Published: November 11, 2008
Landon Smothers
Small Business Management

1. Vision: Landon J. Photography is committed to becoming the most innovative photographer in the Tulsa Metropolitan area. Using an artistic eye and cutting edge tools to make works of art is our ultimate goal 2. Mission Statement: Landon J. Photography is dedicated to capturing the memories and milestones that shape our lives. Through the use of innovative lighting techniques, beautiful scenes, and creative composition, Landon J. Photography makes those moments truly memorable. By focusing on the client and their needs, it allows us to create an image that they will love forever. 3. Core Competences:

a. Achieving an artistic and dramatic look with strobes fired with remote triggers, allowing us to segment ourselves against the bland, natural light look of most portrait photographers. b. Keeping costs down by using brand new technology, imported from china, that keeps cost down and a competitive advantage over photographers who use more elaborate studio lighting. c. Getting more efficient use of location time by utilizing ultra-portable lighting and cameras that set up in seconds, giving the client more choices of poses and composition. 4. Target Market Segment: Landon J. Photography understands the importance of developing relationships with one-time customers in order to create lasting clientele. We will focus our marketing towards women and mothers by working with local boutique shops and bridal stores to gain access to this important market segment. In order to create lasting clientele, we are determined to capture moments such as pregnancy, first day of school, graduation, engagement and other ubiquitous events we all care about. Providing excellent photos during these events will keep the customer coming back. 5. Companies Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths- A unique look for portrait photography, rapport with the client, mobility during shoots and flexibility of...
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