Photography Research Paper

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Section I

A. Write the names of all the photography and photography-related careers that you are aware of. - Wedding photography, Under-water photography, Sports photography, General photo careers.
B. Then do a preliminary research and write the names of at least 5 more photography-related careers. Commercial photography
Portrait and family photography
Pet, Animal and wildlife photography
Police, Law enforcement and criminal forensic imaging photography Aerial photography

C. Next, pick three of these careers and write three questions you have about each. Portrait and family photography-
What makes a great family photo?
What composition techniques are most important when considering family photo's. Is Family photography a good paying job? is it popular?
Underwater Photography-
What equipment is recomended for use underwater.
What is your favorite object to take pictures of under-water. What challenges are presented when taking photos under-water. Aerial Photography-
How do you take pictures from an aerial view? what methods are used to get higher up? What makes for a good subject from an aerial view?
How much money would an aerial photographer make normally?

Section II
Marine Photographer: This job entails taking pictures under water. -This job includes taking pictures underwater using either SCUBA or un-maned rovers with camera's. -Education and training requirements would include being SCUBA certified or certified to do whatever kind of diving needed to take the pictures. -The salary for a marine photographer in California is between 40, and 50,000$ -As an underwater photographer you are taking pictures of marine life for either research and survey purposes or simply to capture the beauty found in the ocean.

Aerial Photographer: Taking photos from top views such as pictures from an airplane looking down. -Training for this job includes a Four year degree, you must specialize in photography, Flight training is required as well as on-the-job sky photography training. -Salary for this type of photographer ranges from 50,000 - 200,000. -As an aerial photographer you may spend your time personally contracting your work or taking pictures for a specific company. These photos may be used for Survey purposes or they may be per-request by a single person. This would be a difficult job to get into as it requires much training and experience. Portrait and family photography: These photographers take pictures of people, families, places, or events. -photographers require a good eye for a picture and have excellent technical and photographic skills. They must have good communication and people skills. Photographers must be good with computer programs such as photoshop and be commercially aware and good at marketing themselves. -Salaries for family photographers range between 12,000 and 50,000 a year or more. -These photographers may fall under a specialized type of photography focusing on family photographery or they may be general photographers taking a wide aray of pictures including portrait and family photography. B. Marine Photographer: response from Robert Bailey

Hi there, thanks for the kind words happy to help.
How long have you been into photography?
Since 1990, I've always been interested in photography since the age of 10 and when I took up diving there was no question that I would be taking a camera in the water to bring back the amazing scenes and show people my discoveries.

How did you get your start in photography?
As a youngster I always had the idea I would like to draw and was complete crap! I picked up a camera one day and realized I could express my artistic self through a camera. I've never looked back. I remember the first time someone referred to me as an artist as being very significant.

What are your key interests within the business?
Although I am not a professional my work has been published, and I have worked intermittantly on professional...

Bibliography: URL ( Robert Bailey, 11-27-12
Bailey, Robert. Underwater photographer. 11-27-12
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