Photography Essay for College

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One of my greatest passions is to create imagery through photography that will stir up memories and emotions. I have always found an interest in captivating objects, people, and places by showing their essential qualities. Instead of seeing photography as just taking a picture, I see it as telling a story.

I developed a keen interest in photography when I first noticed my Great-Grandfather taking pictures of everyone at every event. When he noticed my interest in what he was doing, he showed me his camera and how it worked. The moment I knew how to use a camera correctly, I was taking pictures of everything. Although I didn’t quite know exactly what I was doing at the time, I was very intent to learn more so I could do more. I looked things up online and explored the camera further to learn some basic techniques such as; simplicity, viewpoint and camera angle, lighting, contrast, foreground, and background. My Great-Grandfather helped open my mind to the possibilities I could have as a photographer. He showed me that photography is art, as it lets us capture the precious moments in our lives, and capture the beauty and emotion of the subject; maybe that is the reason the statement “a picture’s worth a thousand words” came to take its place.

In the Photography concentration in the Communications Media department, I will be able to expand my knowledge of photography and expand my work outside of my family. I have always been intrigued to know how to use medium format Hasselblad cameras and a dark room. Most people these days are so worried about the digital age. I believe that you need to step back to move forward. I feel that if you can learn to develop your own film and use an older camera you will be able to use and understand the photography techniques better. It also excites me to know that we would be given the opportunity to show our work to others in a type of gallery. I love to know how my work affects others and how it makes them feel aside from...
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