Photography and Pinhole Camera

Topics: Photography, Camera, Photographic film Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: August 25, 2013
1. What is a pinhole camera? How do we know that these devices existed before the nineteenth century? A pinhole camera has no lens and is the simplest form of a camera. The pinhole camera existed before the nineteenth century because it is an 18th century invention 2. Who created the first photograph? How was this done? The first picture or photograph was produced by a French inventor, Joseph Nicephore Niepce. Niepce used a pewter plate and a substance known as bitumen of Judea. Bituman hardens when it is exposed to light, so the unhardened parts could be washed away, leaving the negative image of the object. Then ink was applied. 3. What is a calotype? What happens in this process? A calotype used paper coated with silver iodine. This process involved sensitizing paper with a silver salt solution and exposing it to light. This created a negative image of the object or person, which could be used to create contact prints where the light and shadows were reversed to show the image. 4. What was the Kodak Brownie? The Kodak Brownie was a very popular camera, they were simple to use and relatively inexpensive. These cameras also produced the best images. 5. What did Richard Maddox invent? Why was this important? Richard Maddox invented a way to use gelatin instead of glass for the negatives. This was important because it allowed photographers to develop a dry plate technique rather than the wet plates of the collodion process. 6. Where did the technology for digital images come from? The technology for digital images came from the Bell Laboratories created the CCD (charge-coupled device) 7. What are two different stock image licenses? How are they different? Royalty-free images are those in which the user pays a one-time fee for the image. Rights-managed images are those in which the price of the license is determined by the use of the image. 8. What did George Eastman develop? Why was this important? George Eastman created a dry gel on...
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