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By nicoloco Sep 15, 2010 606 Words
In the past, you had to be very patient as a digital photographer. If you wanted to catch something spectacular you had to carry your camera with you everywhere until you saw something special. To capture a sunrise you had to get up at the crack of dawn. Models had to spend hours in the makeup room and studios had to be well lit. Everything I just mentioned changed instantly with the invention of Photoshop. Photoshop has changed the history of digital photography. Nowadays, when you look at an amazing photo or image your first impression is still “wow” but your immediate second thought is “that has to be photoshopped”. When you think of the history of Photoshop and everything it did to change the game, it’s pretty insane. It changed the way we see the world, the most significant effect Photoshop has had on us is how we see our world. Digital artists and manipulators know how to take an ordinary photograph and turn it into something completely different and extraordinary.

Images that are photoshopped really have me doubting reality sometimes. Whether they have to do with people, places, or things, you can’t argue with the creativity and time that goes into some of these images. They give you a new perspective on the world.

It also changed the way we view history
Aside from the historical significance of digital photography, Photoshop has changed the way we view history in general. Historical photographs can be photoshopped just as easily as any other image, which leaves you wondering if you are viewing a historical painting or a modern piece of Photoshop art.

How We Advertise
I bet you were wondering when I was going to get to this part. If you happen to pass by the bulletin boards, you would see amazing publicities for example the HASA, Hinugyaw 2010, and Fashion Rocks December. All of these were made by an amazing artist using photoshop.

Advertising has changed forever due to image manipulation. You can’t look through a magazine without seeing dozens of photoshopped ads. Think about what this means. To me, this says that companies that used to run text ads or had to hire a photographer to take their photos can now just pay someone to make their ad on a Mac or PC. Photoshop has changed advertising and business as a whole.

It definitely changed the way we view the human form.
Photoshop has also changed our image of what the perfect person looks like. With models and celebrities – most notably – we have seen Photoshop go into every magazine cover and spread in modern existence. One of the uses of photoshop is erasing blemishes.

Here’s a pic of a person with blemishes and it’ll only take a few clicks of the clone stamp and blur tools to erase some if not all of them.

Photoshop has been turning fantasies to reality with just clicks. Aside from all the real world examples of Photoshop history, images are constantly created to invoke our imagination. When you look at one of these pieces of art you are able to visualize the artist’s dreams and fantasies. What did people do before this?

In conclusion, there are many ways I’ve noticed that Photoshop has changed the history of a digital photograph. There’s got to be more but these things just don’t jump out at me anymore due to the norms I’m accustomed to in the Photoshop era. What do you think about Photoshop? Has it affected your life in some way just like what it did to me?

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