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During the course of my digital photography class, I have learned what type picture taker I am, what my interests are in photography, and what I want to continue to do with photography? I have learned how color, light, shapes, lines and objects help to make up a photograph. I have learned that every photo tells or shares a story of what I or the photographer wants to portray to the viewer. This has been one of the best classes that I have ever taken.

I love taking pictures of everything. Everything I see I try to find some beauty in it and take a picture of it. I think for a quick second about if the subject or object is worth my time and just snap the picture. I take it from different angles and then I pick out the best picture of that object or subject that looks exactly like what I saw at that time. I find when I do this I usually get the photo that I want and I am so happy about that. Before I started the class I would get upset when my pictures would come out blurry or faded out looking. Learning about aperture and shutter speed and ISO has showed me that I can control how I want my photo to be. When I took the picture of the discarded fire truck in the creek I wanted to try a show how the gray color of the stones below contrasted with the red color of the fire truck. After taking the photo I realized that yes, I could see the colors and it was beautiful how you could see the stones at the bottom of the creek even more. The use of the color contrasts with the flowers was great too. I wanted to show the layers in the sunflower and how vibrant and vivid the color stood out. The same with the orange flowers. The pictures I took of my boys in the lake playing were just one of those moments that I was trying to capture quickly. The boys were moving a lot and I wanted to make sure that I had them in focus but I also wanted the viewer to know they were in the water and playing. I wanted to show the movement of the water as well as have...
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