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Paper Abstract Photography
     Dear friends finally I am able to take some time for sharing the behind the scene secrets on paper abstract work with you all. I hope you will enjoy it & ignore the delayed publication of this article.

How it all started ?

     I love to shoot all subjects which attracts me irrespective of what it is ! I have not yet restricted myself to any specific genre in the photography. I am not a professional photographer & can only utilize my weekends/holidays time for the hobby. Considering my small kid "Manas" which is now around 15 months old I had to restrict my freedom for shooting outdoor on weekends. This focused my attention to family portraits, still life & abstracts.

Image 1 : Motion : This shot was taken to convey the feel of motion using still life. During taking this shot for getting the movements of paper I allowed to move the end of papers with the help of ceiling fan. The the ripples on stable glass bottom added virtual feel of motion. This image also adds me the nostalgia effect of the children playing the game of push toy wheel in my childhood days. EXIF:100mm, f/11, 1/40 sec, ISO 800 

Image 2:  Delicate Curves: Using color papers & white papers can add interesting reflections of color on the white papers. This shot is extreme closeup of folds of papers showing delicate curves. It may appear as closeup of a door handle due to the shape & colors gradation. EXIF:100mm,f/5.6.1/80 sec, ISO 400 

     I was struggling to fulfill my thrust for the hobby due to stopped outdoor activity.  One day while surfing through online photo galleries I came across beautiful abstract work done by a photographer using everyday subject. I found it really inspiring & as a solution for my need, indoor photography. I started shooting on paper abstract work. I was enjoying it & what's more it  was getting very well appreciated by my friends. That  helped me to focus even more on this interesting genre of abstract photography. I simply love the feeling of getting myself lost while observing the beauty of these papers in various forms & colors through the viewfinder of my camera during shooting :)        I am sharing this just to illustrate how the inspiration can come from anywhere. The important thing is that we have to keep observing & explore opportunities to do photography. Whenever I came across a photograph appealing to me, I like to keep myself asking why I like it? I like to observe the creative use of elements by the photographers even cinematographers while watching movies. Needed  Equipments ?

     I use following equipments:
Camera : Canon EOS-5D Mark II
Lens : Canon EF-100mm f/2.8 USM Macro
Subject: Printing papers, color papers, color drawing sheets Light: one or two strobes/ daylight/ studio light

Image 3: Paper Swan :The color paper arranged in a pattern to form the shape of a swan. I applied duo tone effect to give importance more to the shape than colors in the images. The choice of color adds subtle & delicate feel of the swan shape. EXIF: 100mm, f/5.6, 1/160 sec, ISO 400 Image 4: paper Waveform : I wished to create the shapes like waveforms using the papers. I used different color papers with the side light for adding more depth in the image. For getting such kind of shapes my technical side in electronics engineering helps me. This image was shortlisted in top 30 images earlier in Digital camera world  international photography contest photographer of the year 2011 in "Creative License" category. EXIF: 100mm, f/5.6, 1/80 sec, ISO 400      

     Don't be disappointed if you don't have very high end equipment or SLR camera. Any SLR camera with macro lens can work for this subject. Point & shoot cameras are not recommended considering the high depth of field. But now a days various closeup filters are also available for a point & shoot camera for doing macro work. 5D offers me more benefits considering nice gradual color tones & a bit more shallow depth...
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