Phones Blessing or Curse

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Mobile Phones- A Blessing or a Curse

Hello and welcome Ladies and Gentlemen.
This afternoon we are going to be discussing whether mobile phones are a blessing or a curse and whether any action should be taken regarding them.
I regard them as a great blessing, because of the great convenience they bring us. With a mobile phone, you can speak to a person almost whenever and wherever you want. You can keep in contact with a person through some simple thumb exercise instead of a complex lettering process. A mobile phone can also be fashionable and multi-functional. It can fill your idle time with mp3 songs or some diminutive e-games. Recent developments mean they can be used as a terminal to the internet.
Other reasons why people disagree with mobile phones range from safety, health, intrusion and erosion of grammatical skills but there are many more. Starting off with safety, the first major thing is the fact that people are breaking the law with these things every day by using them while driving which could then lead to others being injured or even killed. This is quoted from the daily mail website “The number of men prosecuted shot up from 9,656 to 23,649, while the number of women rose from 1,255 to 3,344.” The number of prosecutions obviously represents only the tip of the ice-burg as only a tiny proportion of people driving recklessly are seen.
So I can understand why people think they are a curse but we need to think about the opposite side of this argument as well, so what would we do if there was an accident but mobile phones had been banned then no one would have any way of contacting the emergency help line.
There are meant to be many health problems round mobile phones such as for the male lose of sperm count "Heavy use of a mobile phone can damage sperm, according to new research in the United states. A study into men with fertility problems showed that those who used the mobile for more than four hours a day had a lower sperm count."

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