Phonemic Awareness Development

Topics: Phonology, Phonetics, Orthography Pages: 4 (1074 words) Published: December 3, 2006
The article Supporting phonemic awareness development in the classroom shows many different techniques a teacher can use with students to develop their awareness of language. Yopp & Yopp did research and testing in many different classrooms and through their work at California State University at Fullerton found strategies that truly work in the classroom. Yopp & Yopp are highly published authors in the field of reading and phonemic awareness. The fourteen strategies are listed under four different categories; those focusing on rhyme, syllable manipulation, onset-rime manipulation, and phoneme manipulation. The authors also warn teacher to watch the students' progress and to avoid strict sequence when teaching the strategies.

Phonemic awareness 3
Hallie Kay Yopp and Ruth Helen Yopp both teach in the Department of Elementary, Bilingual, and Reading Education at California State University at Fullerton. Throughout the article the authors cite their own original works to enforce what they write. There are five different works by the two authors that can be found in the references list. Within the article Hallie and Ruth Yopp included many pictures that they took during their experiences within the classroom; this shows that they not only write about phonemic awareness but have also tested their strategies. Many of the articles cited came from articles that can be found in The Reading Teacher journal. The article is published in The Reading Teacher which is a journal of the International Reading Association. This journal has a long list of editors and other staff, which shows that the articles that are within are picked because of their strength and validity. Although the article had a list of twenty-seven references, five of them were written by the authors of the article and eight of the references were children's books. Most of the article seemed to come originally from the authors. Generally only when the authors were giving a definition, such...
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